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Allegiance® 20 Communicating Air Conditioner

Allegiance 20 Communicating Air Conditioner in Denver
Denver A/C system efficiency
Energy Star 20 SEER Variable Speed 2 Stage CoolingComfort R
Acculink Communicating System
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Key Benefits

The Allegiance® 20 Communicating Air Conditioner comes with a number of benefits. First, there are several features that can help you save on your monthly cooling expenses:

  • Top of the line efficiency that exceeds governmental standards while minimizing environmental impact and helping users knock as much as 60 percent from their energy bills*
  • Two-stage cooling process that allows the Allegiance 20 to operate at only 50 percent capacity most of the time, which helps improve your chances of lowering utility costs*
  • Coordination of all system components thanks to the AccuLink Communicating System**
  • Added reliability and efficiency from dual Duration compressors and a Spine Fin coil

An Allegiance® 20 can vastly improve the level of service you get from you air conditioner. If you are dealing with uneven indoor temperatures from room to room, loud units, or premature aging, consider other benefits offered by the Allegiance® 20:

  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Variable speed fan motor that maintains consistent temperatures throughout all sections of a property
  • Automatic removal of unwanted humidity from your indoor atmosphere
  • Improved accuracy of system refrigerant charge thanks to Charge Assist technology
  • Basepan, screws, and unit coated with rust-resistant protection

The Allegiance® 20 Communicating Air Conditioner delivers consistently cool temperatures with maximum efficiency. Better yet, it uses a refrigerant that is very friendly to the environment.

* Actual savings will vary based on system settings, local climate, duct system, equipment maintenance, and home construction

** Must also have an American Standard 900 Series Comfort Control with communicating indoor unit