How Can I Lower My Energy Bills?

If you dread the energy bills that come along with the cold winters and hot summers here in the Denver you are not alone. Although we enjoy some mild days we also get plenty of days where our heat and AC are running all day long. So how can you lower your energy bills during these high demand times?

Lowering your Denver Energy Bills 

Lowering Your Energy Bills in Winter

  • Let the Sun In – We are so lucky to have plenty of sunshine here in Colorado. During winter open up your blinds and curtains during the day. The sun will heat up your spaces naturally and your furnace/heating system will cycle on and off a whole lot less.
  • Insulate – If you feel cold air coming in through the door and windows go to your local home improvement store and buy some weather stripping. Fill in the gaps where the air is coming in. You can also use heavy curtains at night to help keep the cold gushing in.
  • Reverse the Fans – Reversing your fans can help push the hot air that rises back into your space. Find the switch on the side of your fan and get your ceiling fans working for you.
  • Embrace Coziness – Embrace a little cozy in your life. Add cozy blankets to your space. You can do this in place of turning the thermostat up, it will also help you relax!

Lowering Your Energy Bills in Summer

  • Block the Sun – In summer you want to do the reverse of winter. You want to keep the blinds and curtains closed during the hottest parts of the day or when the sun is beating in.
  • Use Fans – Don’t just think ceiling fans. If you have a two-story home and your second story is always hot. Use fans to push the cool air from downstairs into your upstairs area.
  • Open Windows at Night – We are lucky to live in a place that cools off at night. Opening the windows and using window fans can help you cool off the house at night so that you can turn off the AC for longer periods of time.

Things You Can Do to Reduce Energy Costs No Matter the Season

No matter what season it is there are two things you can do to help reduce your energy costs.

    1. Change Your Filter Out – Changing your HVAC system filter can help your systems run more efficiently. It will also keep the air in your home cleaner.
    2. Have Your HVAC Systems Maintained – Maintaining your heating and cooling system will help you save money on your energy costs and will help your systems run more effectively.
    3. Upgrade to a More Energy Efficient System – In the last decade, efficiency levels of HVAC systems has increased significantly. If your system is 20 years old or more, you could be paying twice as much to heat and cool your home!

If you are looking for HVAC services in Denver the team at Grand Home Services can help!