Three Ways to Keep Your AC Unit Running Efficiently

Summer will eventually make it to the Denver area and when it does we will all be looking for some relief from the heat. Having AC in your home is great, however if your AC unit is not running efficiently, you could be wasting a whole lot of money without even cooling off your home to a comfortable level.

There are ways you can help your AC run more efficiently. By doing a little work up front you can reap the benefits of a cooler house over the summer.

Three Way to Keep Your AC Running Efficiently

These three tips are great ways to keep your AC unit running efficiently and effectively so that you can cool your home off without shrieking the next time the cooling bill comes in. The great news is these three tips are things you can do quickly without spending a whole lot of money.

  1. Have Your AC System Maintained – AC maintenance is an important step when it comes to cooling off your house efficiently. By having your system maintained it will not only run more efficiently it will also deliver cleaner air to your home. The benefits of yearly maintenance on your AC system far outweighs the small cost of the appointment.
  2. Provide Shade for Your System – The Colorado sun can be brutal. If your AC unit is sitting out in the blazing sun it is going to have to work a lot harder to produce the cool air to keep your home comfortable. You can’t move where your AC unit sits but you can build a little shade shelter for your unit. You can use old fence pailings or wood to create a shade wall around your unit.
  3. Change Out Your Filters – By keeping your air filters clean you can help your AC work more efficiently. When your unit has to push air through dirt and dust build up it has to work harder to get the cooled air into your home. Be sure to change your filter every 2-3 months. You might want to change your filter more if you have pets living inside your home.

By doing these 3 small things you will be surprised how much you can save on your energy costs. If you are looking to keep your AC unit in great shape, contact the team at Grand Home Services. We specialize in residential heating and cooling systems in the Denver Metro area.