3 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for DIYers

DIY Air Conditioning TipsAs summer reaches its apex and temperatures soar to the highest point they will reach all year, it is the perfect time to think about air conditioner maintenance. While many potential problems can be caught and solved by scheduling an annual AC checkup with a Grand Home Services technician, we also want you to know about some helpful DIY maintenance tips.

By following three simple DIY air conditioning tips, you can significantly increase your chances of maintaining peak A/ C performance even through the hottest days of the year.

1. Maintain Filters, Coils, Blades

By taking just a few minutes each month to clean air filters, coils, and blades, you can have a significant impact on the efficiency and reliability of your cooling system. It’s always best to consult the owner’s manual and turn off your system before attempting to clean or replace anything.

2. Clean Outdoor Units

Sometimes leaves, rubble, and other debris will accumulate on or around your air conditioner. Taking a moment to remove these items can have a surprisingly big impact on the overall health of your system. You can even combine tasks by cleaning debris at the same time as you clean your filters, coils, and blades.

3. Use Your Yard to Maximize Efficiency

If your cooling system receives proper shade from the sun, it can improve efficiency by up to 10 percent in the summer. However, that doesn’t mean you should place trees and shrubs right on top of your air conditioner. It’s best to keep all leaves, grass clippings, and other vegetation at least two feet away from your unit to prevent clogging from debris. Find the right setup that puts your unit in the shade for most of the day without adding the risk of too much debris.

These DIY air conditioning tips will help you overcome many of the problems that people typically experience during the summer months. If you ever have an issue that goes beyond a DIY repair, you can always turn to the heating and cooling experts at Grand Home Services. Contact us at (720) 365-1187 for more tips or to schedule a visit from a technician.