Quick Fixes for Cold Spots in Your Home

Do you have one room or one particular spot in your home that you just can’t seem to get warm? In some cases, cold spots can be solved quickly and inexpensively, while other times there may only be a more complicated solution.

We’ll explain some steps you can take to diagnose the severity of your problem and fix it.

Potential Quick Fixes

There are some things you should rule out before you jump head first into expensive repairs. In many cases, people are so afraid of spending tens of thousands of dollars to repair or improve insulation and heating systems that they avoid thinking about the problem and end up overlooking the simplest solutions.

After you discover a cold spot in your home, your first move should be to check to make sure no furniture or drapes are blocking heat. If they are blocking a vent or radiator, that could be the whole problem right there.

If you rule out that issue, check fireplaces. Make sure the damper is firmly closed when the fireplace isn’t in use. Fixable drafts could be the source of your cold spot.

To check for drafts elsewhere, just feel along the trim of any windows near your cold spot. Next check around the border of any doors nearby. A little weather stripping or caulk may be all the repair that you need.

When Simple Fixes Don’t Work

Sometimes the problem is more complex than what you hoped. If you can’t find any heat blockages or drafts, you need to consider a heating system audit with a professional. Grand Home Services technicians can tell you whether or not your furnace is capable of handling the heating load of your home. When heating systems aren’t up to the job, cold spots are one of the symptoms.

With winter weather on the way soon, now is the perfect time to resolve any Denver heating deficiencies your home may have. Contact Grand Home Services today at (720) 365-1187 to resolve the problem quickly and affordably.