Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Why Is My Furnace LeakingIf installed properly and then tested by a professional, a furnace should provide many years of worry-free service. Unfortunately, many people are forced to deal with problems related to older or poorly installed products.

Don’t worry if you find yourself with a malfunctioning heating system this fall. Grand Home Service’s furnace troubleshooting tips, or a visit from one of our experienced technicians, will resolve the problem quickly.

Let’s get into the advice for some of the most common issues you may face.

The Furnace Isn’t Generating Heat

Furnaces in DenverFirst, you want to check for the simplest solutions. Double check that the thermostat is set properly. If moving the temperature dial up and down doesn’t change anything, carefully check to see if a fuse or circuit breaker is blown. Ask for help if you aren’t sure how to deal with your fuse box.

If it isn’t any of the problems listed above, it’s time to call a Grand Home Services HVAC professional to fix your heating in Denver.

Not Enough Heat

In this scenario, your furnace is on and working, but it isn’t producing enough heat. Frist, check to see what condition the air filter is in. If it’s clean and looking good, check to see that there are no blockages to the heating vents.

If vents are open and unblocked and the air filter is fine, you should have an HVAC repair technician look at your burners and determine whether or not your furnace can handle the load your home is placing on it.

Turning On and Off Too Often

Again, it’s best to start with the air filter. Check to see if it’s too dirty or worn out. Even if it looks ok to the eye, try a replacement if it’s been a while.

If the air filter is not the source of the problem, you could be looking at a more complex solution. If one or both of the belts or blower motor are malfunctioning, you should call in a professional.

Anytime you have a problem with your Denver HVAC equipment, you can rely on Grand Home Services for a quick response and a lasting solution. Call us today if your furnace is not working properly: (720) 365- 1187.