My Air Conditioner is Blowing but Not Cool

There is nothing worse than getting to Summer, turning on your AC system only to find it is not working properly. If you turn on your AC only to find that it is not blowing cold, there are a few reasons this may happen.

The Four Most Common Reasons Your AC will Blow Warm

There are many reasons your AC could not be performing correctly. Let’s look at the four most common reasons your unit may be blowing warm air instead of cold air.

  1. Leaking Refrigerant – If your system has a refrigerant leak due to loose parts or a worn valve the refrigerant will slowly leak out. Without refrigerant, your AC unit can’t cool off the air. This means only hot air gets pushed into your home. If you suspect you have a refrigerant leak it is best to let an expert take care of it.
  2. A Frozen Unit – Your AC system can freeze and this can be a common cause of warm air. The evaporator coil in your system may ice over and this can block the cool air flow. In place of the cool air flow you get your motor’s air flow which is warm. If your AC system freezes, turn it off. Leave it for at least 2 hours then turn it back on. If it is still not working call for AC repair.
  3. Check Your Thermostat – Sometimes we forget to switch the thermostat from heat mode to cool mode. This is an easy fix and probably a great place to start if your air is blowing warm.
  4. Dirty Air Filters – When filters get clogged and dirty they can reduce the cold air that gets blown into your home. Check your filter. If they are dirty, replace or clean them then test the temperature of the air coming through your vents.

If you have checked your thermostat and filter and the air coming out of your vents is still warm, it is time to call a professional. There are many electrical parts in your unit and a specialist should be able to diagnose the initial cause quickly.

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