Solutions for a Frozen Air Conditioning Unit

Solutions for a Frozen Air Conditioning UnitDid your air conditioner freeze up? There is nothing worse than a faulty AC unit when the summer temperatures are soaring outside. If this is an ongoing problem with your unit, or if it happened at least once in the past, a little expert advice could go a long way. We’re happy to give you a three step plan to prevent future freezes and end one that might be ruining your comfort right now.

There a few issues that will lead to iced up air conditioning coils. All of them can be prevented with a little bit of DIY A/C maintenance on your part. If you are needing A/C repair in Denver, Grand Home Services technicians will be happy to repair your unit and return it to full functionality in no time.

Here are the common causes:

Low Air Flow

If your cooling system is struggling with air flow, that can definitely lead to an ice up. We always recommend a monthly cleaning of air filters. This is something that will only take you a few minutes, but it can extend the life of your unit while also helping you avoid occasional problems like freezes.

There is a second possible culprit for poor air flow: dirty coils. If you do not clean your coils on a regular schedule, freezes may occur. Luckily, you do not need to do this every month like you do with filters. We recommend an annual cleaning of coils to keep your system in good health.

Low Refrigerant

You need to keep your eye out for any refrigerant leaks. If too much of this substance leaks out of your cooling system, there will be a much higher risk of an ice up. Call in a technician to fix the leak and replenish your refrigerant supply.

Time for a Visit from a Technician

If the quick maintenance tips we mentioned above don’t clear up the problem for you, it is time to call in a Grand Home Services technician. We can diagnose the root cause of your freeze and return your cooling system to peak performance in no time. Contact us at (720) 365-1187 for a fast solution to all Denver air conditioning problems!