Space Heater Safety Tips

As we get closer to winter, a lot of people in the Denver area are going to break out the space heaters to help cover any gaps in their heating needs. At Grand Home Services, we think that space heaters can be a good solution — as long as certain safety precautions are taken.

Space Heater Safety

If you are going to be operating a space heater in the coming months, safety should be your top priority. Each year in the US, tens of thousands of home fires are started by small, individual heaters. What makes this even sadder is that many of these fires could have been prevented. We want you to have the knowledge needed to avoid a tragic situation.

By following these simple space heater safety tips, you can keep everyone in your home safe and warm:

  • Put your space heater on a level surface that is removed from any foot traffic
  • Do not connect your space heater to electrical sockets with an extension cord unless absolutely necessary
  • Check often for frayed wire in the heater’s cord
  • Do not use the heater in damp, wet areas unless it is specifically designed for that use
  • When purchasing a new model, look for the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) label and mentions of modern safety features
  • For better safety and efficiency, purchase a thermostatically controlled unit
  • Check for a sizing table on the unit to verify that it isn’t too big for the space you need to heat

Always keep in mind that space heaters are only meant as a supplementary source of warmth. Even when following space heater safety tips, trying to use them to replace a home heating system is a huge risk with very little payoff.

If you are relying too much on space heaters, it could be that your furnace or home heating system is inadequate for your needs. Call 720-365-1187 to learn more about how you can affordably heat your Denver home with a high efficiency furnace from Grand Home Services.