What is AFUE?

If you have ever looked at furnaces online or in store, you may have noticed some funny words alongside the descriptions. AFUE is one of these words that is used regularly when describing the benefits of a furnace.

While it may set your mind spinning when you read it, AFUE is actually easy to understand and can help you make the best choice when it comes to an energy efficient furnace.

What is an AFUE rating?

AFUE is a rating that can help you understand how well your furnaces system converts the fuel into energy to help your system heat your home. The higher the AFUE rating the more fuel is actually being used and the less fuel is being wasted.

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Most gas furnaces have an AFUE rating of between 89% and 98% making them a lot more efficient than an oil furnace. The remaining percentage of fuel used in your system will often escape through venting, or go back into the system to help fuel other areas.

The department of energy has set a minimum standard of 78 percent when it comes to the AFUE, however this number can change on a year to year basis as technology changes.

AFUE and Your New Furnace

When it comes to purchasing a furnace the higher the AFUE the better a gas furnace is going to be more efficient than an oil furnace. This is due to the fact that most oil furnaces have an AFUE of between 80 – 90 percent.

Here in Denver most furnaces used in housing are gas furnaces, this makes replacing your old furnace with a new gas furnace that has a high AFUE a lot easier.

Furnace Installation & Replacement in Denver

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