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Winters in Colorado can be hard, especially when your furnace is not heating your home correctly. If you had problems with your furnace last winter or you turn on your furnace only to find that it is not working or it is not heating your home correctly, you will want to call for furnace repair.

Grand Home Services work hard to deliver excellent service throughout Aurora and the surrounding Denver Metro Area. If you are in need of furnace repair contact our team today.

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Signs Your Furnace Needs to be Repaired

It is likely that your furnace will show signs that it is in need of repair. These signs may range from a minor inconvenience to the major sign where your furnace is not working at all. Here are some signs you can look out for as a signal that your furnace is in need of repair whether it is gas or electric.

Gas Furnace

  • A yellow pilot light is an indication that your furnace is having a problem with its gas supply. The supply may be dirty, unbalanced, or it could mean that there is too much carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous for your home and family.
  • If your pilot light is out all together your furnace will not turn on, this is a sure sign that you need repairs.
  • If your air seems stale, you have an increase in allergies, or those living in the home are having more respiratory problems, this could be due to a dirty system causing poor air quality.
  • Your first electric bill for the cold weather season appears to be very high and the weather has not been unusually cold in the past billing period.
  • Your house feels cold and turning up the thermostat is not helping the house feel any warmer. This could be due to a problem with your pilot light or a faulty thermostat.
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Electric Furnace

  • You notice that your first cold season energy bill is higher than it should be. When your system is not working correctly, it will use more energy to keep your house warm.
  • You find that you have rooms in your home that are uncomfortably hot while other rooms are freezing cold.
  • There are smells coming from your vents, these may be a burning smell or moldy smell. If you smell gas you should call the gas company straight away and leave the house.
  • You hear popping, clanging or banging sounds coming from your vents or furnace. If you are hearing any type of unusual sound it is best to contact a heating repair expert.
  • Your thermostat is reading a comfortable temperature, however your home does not feel comfortable.
  • You cannot turn your furnace on at all. If your furnace is not working at all, it is best to have it seen to right away as freezing temperatures can come on quickly and a home that is not heated may experience problems like frozen pipes.


If your furnace is not working correctly, contact the team at Grand Homes Services for furnace repair in Aurora and the surrounding metro area.

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