Why Is My Boiler Making a Banging Sound?

Why Is My Boiler Making a Banging Sound?When the pipes in your home grow old, it’s common for them to start making all sorts of noises. Some sound like the moans and groans of an old man and others just plain banging sounds. When your boiler starts to bang like a hammer, then it could be time to have it checked out by a professional. To learn what could possibly be wrong with your boiler, read on!

What the Issue Likely Is

Excessive water can be caused by it either leaking through the automatic fill or the automatic fill trying to make up for insufficient water that it thinks is occurring during a surge.  A surge of water happens when the water becomes dirty and is pushed into the pipes while warming up. Once the water comes back from the pipes, additional water is then added, making it too much.

How to Tell if This is the Issue

You can check this out by looking through the steam cage glass and seeing if it is 75 percent full, like it should be, to allow air inside to help create steam. If you notice that the water levels are falling or rising during the heating process, then you may see the water completely disappear. This is due to it being pushed through the pipes, causing surging.

When you notice this type of problem, it’s important to consult with a professional. Some people make the mistake of adding water to an empty tank that is very hot, which can cause it to crack or even explode.

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