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Furnace Pilot Light Repair in Denver

Serving Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, and More

If your furnace has a traditional pilot light, you likely have an old furnace. Most of today’s models use electric ignition systems instead, although many people still call it a pilot light, regardless. At Grand Home Services, we can help with pilot light or electric igniter repair — our certified technicians know how to work with any kind of furnace.

If your pilot light won’t stay lit or fails to turn your furnace on and off normally, contact us for a quick appointment. We offer pilot light repair in Denver and the entire metro area and we’re available 24/7 to help keep you warm.

Common Pilot Light Problems

Traditional pilot lights may encounter such problems as:

  • Pilot light won’t stay lit
  • Thermocouple malfunctions frequently
  • Flame burns yellow instead of blue (CO hazard)
  • Intake valve gets clogged easily

Modern electric igniter furnace problems include:

  • Igniter cracked or broken
  • Damage from electrical problems
  • High temperature readings cause furnace to shut off
  • Igniter cycles the furnace on and off too frequently

Furnace Pilot Light Repair in Denver

If you are comfortable working with HVAC equipment, you can try cleaning the parts or making small replacements to see if conditions improve.

However, it’s best to rely on heating experts for repairs. Your heating efficiency and personal safety, due to gas leak concerns, depends on a properly functioning pilot light.

When you need pilot repair in Denver area homes or businesses, contact us at Grand Home Services for an appointment. Our friendly, certified technicians will troubleshoot the pilot light or igniter system (as well as the furnace and thermostat if necessary) to look for underlying problems. We’ll get your furnace pilot light running reliably so you can enjoy consistent, comfortable heating this year and beyond.

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Grand Home Services, we put the focus on your satisfaction and comfort — we’re here to provide friendly, fast service. We want you to trust us for all your heating and cooling needs!

We offer a one-year warranty on all parts and labor. Call us at 720-365-1187 to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate!