“I called at least 5 companies from the middle of May until Brian did our installation today. R-22 refrigerant is very expensive and the more time goes on the harder it is to get your hands on it and thus the higher price tag. Our old AC unit went out and just to replace the compressor and refill the R-22 the average quote we received was 3k. Brian was very honest and let us know that at this point it was better to just receive a whole new unit. Which was the consensus from the other companies as well. He explained everything very thoroughly and was never pushy in trying to hurry us up and decide right away. Other companies quoted a higher price and were very pushy in trying to get us to install pretty much the very next day. In the end we went with Grand and a week and a half later he called to let me know he was on his way and was early to the install and also finished early and called to let me know what all was done and moving forward how to get the most out of our system. He was also very polite and respectful of our house to make sure he didn’t leave a mess. I don’t write many reviews at all but he definitely deserves this one! We have a brand new unit and the installation was very professional and aesthetically pleasing as well. We made an excellent decision in going with him and I have no reservations recommending him to anyone and will be using him for all of our future maintenance and concerns!”